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About us

VisaLine is an International Immigration Consulting firm registered under the Laws and Regulations of the Federal Government of Canada. VisaLine is proud to provide legal advice on all immigration matters to applicants inside and outside of Canada. Having more than a decade of experience in Immigration Law and benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of licensed practitioners with international qualifications, made it possible for us to assist applicants to reach their goals.

More Details

VisaLine supports entrepreneurs and investors, athletes and artists, international students, and Canadian Temporary or Permanent Visa applicants. We respect the needs of all clients and provide them with instructions and services accordingly.

VisaLine’s aim is simple. We work hard to help you achieve the best possible result in your visa or immigration application.

Some steps should not be taken alone.


We believe trust is the basis of any relationship and plays an important role in our success. So, we have made it our legacy.
VisaLine’s mission and vision are to help newcomers live to the best of their dreams. We try to pave the path for immigrants and their families to build a new and better life in Canada as we have already experienced this path, overcome the obstacles and issues, and realized the challenges.
Your interests, plans, and targets in migration become ours too. We share our experiences with you to help you open the door to success more quickly and meet your goals in Canada.

VisaLine Services
1. Permanent Residence programs for Businesspeople (Entrepreneurship, Self-employed, Investments, ….)
2. Permanent Residence programs for Skilled Workers
3. Permanent Residence programs through Sponsorship
4. Study Permit
5. Work Permit
6. Visitor Visa
7. Super Visa

Other VisaLine Services within Canada
1. Status extension
2. PR Card renewal and Citizenship
3. University, College, and school’s admission
4. Insurance
5. Housing Services (Buying or renting)
6. Banking Services

VisaLine on Social Networks
You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to find the latest immigration news and send us your opinion.
You can also complete our Evaluation form to get a free assessment using the link below or call +1-647-860-0005 on WhatsApp. Link
We look forward to hearing from you and offer you the best option to immigrate to Canada.

Elham Sehat, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Elham Sehat has started her professional activity in immigration affairs in 2008 and during this period, she has always tried to offer the best immigration services to all her clients.
She holds a Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practices from the University of Victoria in Melbourne Australia. She has continued her education in Canadian Immigration Law in Toronto Canada.
Elham is an official member of ICCRC Canada with a Registration Number of R517007. She is also active as a qualified Education Agent Counsellor and official representative of many educational institutions in Canada and other countries.

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