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Immigrate to Canada through Express Entry

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada made changes in Canada’s immigration 2015 and introduced a new method called Express Entry.

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What is Express Entry?


Express Entry is an online system that provides a pathway for skilled immigrants to become a permanent residence in Canada.

Through Express Entry, skilled immigrants can apply for three immigration programs:

    1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

    The skilled worker candidates are scored based on their age, education, work experience, and language ability, and some other factors in the Federal Skilled Worker Program.  

    1. Federal Skilled Trades Program

    This is for skilled trade applicants who have a job offer or required qualification to work in Canada.

    1. Canadian Experience Class

    The skilled worker candidates who have work experience in Canada or foreign graduates with qualifying Canadian Work Experience can apply for the Canadian Experience Class. : Research position for a certain duration mostly with a salary.

Express Entry process


Candidates are scored with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in Express Entry. In Express Entry candidates are scored regarding their age, education, work experience, and language ability (French or English). Candidates who gain more scores will respectively receive an invitation. Then the candidates must submit their required documents to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada. Mostly within 6 to 12 months, the application for permanent residence in Canada will be finalized.

The minimum score is related to invitation date intervals directly as it is shown in previous applications. If the interval between invitation issuance becomes longer, the minimum score will increase. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship will announce the minimum score every two weeks to one month.

Express Entry Factors


  1. Main applicant personal and skill factors
  2. Main applicant’s spouse factors
  3. Federal and Provincial factors
  4. Adaptability in Canada

Express Entry Occupations

  • Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada has introduced a National Occupational Classification (NOC) system to provide a clear definition of jobs in the Canadian labor market. The jobs are classified regarding the duties and explanation of the candidate’s jobs. This classification is used for different purposes and one of the important ones is immigrating to Canada.

    The candidates who want to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry have to find their NOC before they apply.

Eligible occupations for Express Entry programs

  1. Skill Type 0: Management jobs
  2. Skill Level A:Professional jobs which usually call university degree
  3. Skill Level B:Technical jobs and skilled trades that usually call for a college diploma
  4. Skill Level C:Intermediate jobs that usually call for high school and/or job-specific training
  5. Skill Level D:Labor jobs that usually give on-the-job training

Express Entry and Spouse

The candidate’s spouse can help to increase the profile’s overall score by evaluation his/her foreign education and/or providing language proficiency test.

Adaptability in Express Entry


The candidates can gain more points for adaptability which contains:

  1. Having Canadian Citizen sibilings
  2. Having Canadian work Experience (at least one year)
  3. Having a job offer from a Canadian Employer
  4. Having Canadian education (completed a post-secondary program)

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If you want to apply for permanent residence in Canada, simply follow below instruction:


  • Book a consultation session with VisaLine
  • Sit for a language proficiency test
  • Get your overseas education evaluated
  • Upload your Express Entry profile
  • Submit your permanent residence application once you received invitation to apply


Can I create Express Entry profile?

Yes, you can create your Express Entry profile and submit your information.

What is Express Entry profile?

Express entry profile is a way to submit your request to immigration Canada that you are interested in applying for permanent residence in Canada as a professional skilled worker or skilled trade person.

Is Express Entry Permanent Residency?

Yes, you can obtain Permanent Residency through Express Entry.

How much Express Entry cost?

The application processing fee is based on the number of individuals submitting application. There is also a RPRF (Right of Permanent Residence Fee) that is payable only for adults.

How long Express Entry takes?

Mostly within 6 to 12 months, the application for permanent residence in Canada will be finalized.

What is required for Express Entry Canada?

You need to meet the requirements for age, education, work experience, English and French language Skill.

Are Express Entry and PR the same?

You can obtain PR through the Express Entry.

Why My Express Entry profile is pending?

If the application indicates it is in progress, it means the application is under examination and it may take time to be completed.

How to start Canada Express Entry?

You may start your application by gathering required information and/ or documents and then create your profile.

Is ECA required for Express Entry?

Yes, it is required to have ECA for overseas educations to create your Express Entry profile.

Where should I apply for Express Entry Canada?

You can Create your Express Entry profile on the Immigration, Refuge, Citizenship website.

Does Express Entry profile expire?

Yes, Express Entry profile is only valid for one year from the date it is submitted.

Does express entry work?

Yes, you can apply for PR through Express Entry.

Does Express Entry accept TOFEL?

No, IELTS and CELPIP general are the only acceptable English tests for Express Entry.

Does Express Entry work in Quebec?

No, Quebec has its own permanent resident program

Is IELTS degree required for Express Entry?

Yes, it is required to have IELTS or any other recognized English or French proficiency tests to create an Express Entry profile.

Does Express Entry require job offer?

No, it is not required to have job offer for creating Express Entry profile.

Is it easy to be eligible for Express Entry?

In Express Entry candidates are scored based on their age, education, work experience, and language ability (French or English). If you meet the requirements, you can apply.

Why express entry draw is delayed?

Due to covid-19 pandemic and Canada’s border closure, many programs’ processing stopped or delayed for some time.

Is express entry going to end?

Express Entry like any other immigration program can be closed without prior notice or the program’s requirements can change anytime.

Which WES is accepted for express entry?

To apply for Express Entry your overseas educational documents must be assessed for immigration.

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