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Business Immigration:

Canada offers various programs to business immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently and benefit from Canada’s healthcare/ education system and several pension plans. Canada has created a capable, stable, and safe environment for self-employed people, Entrepreneurs, and investors to own and operate their business in Canada freely.

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Some of the most popular business immigration programs are the followings:


Some of the most popular business immigration programs are the followings:

  • Provincial Programs (Entrepreneurship)

Provincial entrepreneur programs are two step process where the entrepreneur enters Canada with a work permit under provincial nominee programs.

The main purpose of these programs is job creation and investment in a specified business approved by the province.

Required minimum net worth, investment amount and other program requirements may be different in provincial business immigration programs.

  • Start-Up Visa

Entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea who can establish a business in Canada and create jobs can obtain Canadian permanent residence through the Start-Up Visa program.

  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

This investment program is currently closed and will be paused until at least April 01, 2023.


Establishing a company in Canada:

You may obtain a business license from the federal government or Canadian provincial authorities to establish or register a company in Canada.

The government determines the interests of individuals in the company based on the number of shares when you register your company exclusively in this country.

Buying property in Canada as an investment:


You can buy a property in Canada regardless of your status; however, this investment may not lead the investor to obtaining a visa or permanent residency in Canada.

If you want to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant, you must meet the following requirements in most programs:

  • Have the required personal net worth
  • Intend to live in the province where your business is for a minimum duration
  • Commit to day-to-day management of the business
  • Make the minimum required investment
  • Create job(s)
  • Provide a decent level of language proficiency
  • Be of certain age (in some provinces)

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What is Business immigration of Canada?

Business owners or senior managers can apply to live permanently in Canada through Business immigration programs.

How to get Business Visa of Canada?

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, there are several immigration programs to establish your business in Canada temporary or permanently.

How much money is required for Business immigration of Canada?

Investment amount depends on the type of Business Immigration program and/or the province you want to start your business.

What are Canada’s business immigration requirements?

To apply for business immigration, the applicant must be a business owner, entrepreneur, or senior manager. The applicant must also provide sufficient net worth and other required financial supporting documents.

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