How to Trust a Job Offer in Canada?

Living and working in Canada is most people’s dream all around the world. Regarding available jobs diversity in different fields in Canada, this country is called Land of Opportunity. One way to obtain permanent residency in Canada is to have a job offer from a Canadian employer.


How to Realize the Real Job Offer and the Fake Ones?

Before sending your resume or any documents which may reveal your identity or residency information, you should first consider the following points:

  • Unrealistic benefits are mentioned in your job offer letter;
  • Tell you that the job is ready and you just have to pay money;
  • Recruiting foreign workers by Canadian employers;
  • The employer’s contact information is incorrect;
  • The job offer letter is written in poor English;
  • The job offer letter is written informally.


Recruiting Foreign Skilled Worker by Canadian Employers

If a Canadian employer intends to recruit a foreign skilled worker, he/she has to prove that he/she could not find a Canadian skilled worker based on the job description. Then the employer will publish his/her demand on related websites.


Are you Looking for your Dream Job in Canada? Be Aware of Fraudulent Job Offers!

As demand rises, the probability of publishing fraudulent websites and advertisements increase. It is hard for the candidate to recognize whether the job offer is real or fake but Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada easily finds out about it. If the candidates unintentionally engage in fake jobs, not only he/she will be rejected, but also he/she cannot go to Canada in the future.


Fortunately, there are some warning signs which may help you to identify these scammers.


  1. Unreal income and salary
  • The first and most obvious sign is the unbelievable high salary which the company is offering. Salaries for different jobs have been announced in the Job Bank website.
  • The second sign is a wide range of benefits such as a paid plane ticket, free accommodation, or an unreal holiday period which are offered in the fake job’s benefits.
  1. Your Desired Job is Ready, Just Pay!
  • A company does not offer a job without considering Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada rules, and face to face interviews.
  • The candidate must have a Work Permit in Canada.
  • The amount of money that the candidates have to pay for fake jobs is much more than the money which he/she has to pay for Canadian Work Visa which is 155 CAD.
  1. Incorrect Contact Information from the Employer

One of the most obvious signs that show the job offer is not real, is the contact information which is provided by the employer.

  • The candidate must know the full information about the area code to make sure the employer’s address matches the contact number.
  • In Canada, one of the most important ways to communicate is an email address. For example, VisaLine website is and you must email to contact Ms. Elham Sehat. It means that the name of the company should be mentioned after @ sign.
  1. Low Language Level

The employers who intend to offer a job in Canada must be fluent in English. Therefore, text errors in job offer content can show that it is invalid.

  1. Unofficial Job Offer

Canadian companies are very professional in writing job offer content. Therefore, if how they are writing is informal, or the text has problems in font or size, the candidate has to doubt about it.


How to Avoid Fraudulent Job Offer in Canada?

Candidates who decide to immigrate legally have to use an Immigration Lawyer. According to the immigration complexity and limitations in recent years, getting a resident permit, study permit, etc. under different rules and conditions is not an easy task.


Why Do People Leave this Task to Us?

  • Not having enough time to learn about immigration routes;
  • Not having up-to-date immigration information;
  • Not having enough technical information or unexpected problems in the visa process;
  • Not having enough information about how to pay the fees;
  • Making mistakes in referring their case to the relevant organization;
  • Making mistakes in filling out the forms and needed documents;
  • Not providing all necessary documents.


The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada may change programs’ requirements and details at any time. Please contact VisaLine for the most recent updates.

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